Mandy and Sam

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Our Story

Sam Lupowitz and Mandy Goldman met at Ithaca College, in Joel Gelpe’s History and Analysis of American Musical Theater class. It was very early in the morning, and theater majors were singing at each other. Mandy sat next to the person she thought would bother her the least. That was mostly, though not entirely, true.

After running into each other on campus a few months later, Sam and Mandy got together for a casual lunch, which turned into another casual lunch, which turned into spending the ensuing seven years together, and committing to share their lives.

Since graduating from Ithaca College, they have made their home in Ithaca, New York, along with two spoiled cats. Through the years, they've studied English literature together, played together in multiple bands, and shared their loves of good food, good wine, and good art.
Kristie Kern